Restoring hope. Empowering change.

Gandhi Nivas supports men to change their behaviour, reducing the likelihood of further family harm and increasing safety for families. 

Men are referred to Gandhi Nivas by police and have either been issued with a Police Safety Order, or are involved in police matters related to family harm.

It offers free counselling, emergency housing, and referral to social services and more than 1000 families of 19 ethnicities have been helped. 

Providing help to change

Men referred to the service by police get help within 24 hours. Families do not have to leave their homes because men are offered free counselling and emergency accommodation.

Gandhi Nivas makes a difference because:

It places emphasis on intervention within 24 hours.

Early provision of counselling and support services to prevent family harm from occurring.

It recognises and provides for diverse needs and circumstances.

Victims do not have to leave their homes and families because men are provided emergency accommodation.