Men talk about their journey through counselling with Gandhi Nivas.

I have had time to make peace within myself; the staff were very understanding and helpful. My first night at Gandhi Nivas was very hard because I was away from home but as the days went by I realised how much time I had to look back and identify the areas that needed to be worked on.
Gandhi Nivas was a perfect and sacred place to refresh my thinking and make changes within my family and life. The counsellor at Gandhi Nivas helped me realise my problem and it was discussed in a very confidential place and way which I am very grateful for.
In the three days I was there I reflected about what I have done and who I am. The people I have affected are the people I love. Thanks to Gandhi Nivas for allowing me the time to clear my head and thoughts. I am certainly better than who I was.
My counsellor helped me a lot to keep me calm and relaxed. It helped me to put anxiety and stress away from my life. The counsellor took group sessions with me and other people for stress and anxiety and it was good experience. I was happy that I was able to spend some days at Gandhi Nivas.